The journey

The journey I am currently on is a long one, one of a lot of crafting and also a lot of research and pain when the research isn’t as fruitful as I would like.

The journey started with a interest in primitive techniques and look of some of this stunning equipment. Elegant hooks with the grain of the wood showing all held together with handmade cordage really holds its own ascetically in comparison to the sleek modern designs of today’s fishing equipment.

Through that interest I got talking to a lot of people who all pointed me to two things a book called “Indian fishing” and Steven la saye who makes his own hooks and fishing line and oars.

But none of that is how this project was born. I was talking about deer hunting with max levy and we was talking about hunting a deer and taking it to the woods and then butchering and smoking the meat in a purpose built smoker in the woods at a camp. Max said the phrase that would be the dream. Then the idea started forming to make this primitive fishing equipment and go off to an uninhabited island to use it for the weekend. I mentioned it to max and once again he said the phrase that would be the dream. This has resonated with me ever since.

Why should it be the dream?

Why can’t it be reality?

The project formed and I set about my research, putting together a list of fishing and camping items that I would make to make this trip come true.

I started making some trial hooks and eventually started working on what will be one of two long lines. I found that I love making this equipment. The more I practiced the better I got and the more I wanted to make. The list is big and I will need to rope in the help of various people along the journey for course or advice on certain parts.

As part of my research I will need to get out to these islands and find one suitable. Preferable one with trees. As wood is an essential for fire as I wouldn’t like to take fire wood in the canoe with me and another person.

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