My research

Researching traditional fishing or primitive fishing from around the world is very hard. I couldn’t find a lot other than the book “Indian fishing” by Hilary Stuart this book is fantastic. After seeing some remade Saami and Inuit items one being a fishing harpoon and the other being a sewing kit. I wanted to dive a little deeper.

I have asked people that I know if they know any publications and searched on line. I found nothing. I eventually thought to check Pinterest as I’m likely not using the correct search terms on google. I found a Viking hook and a Inuit hook and a few other items that I will be including in my project but I want more.

I do have one more person that I have intend to ask. He is someone that even though I haven’t actually met him. I will one day. He has helped me out a lot with various different projects and I know he reads a lot about different cultures. I’ve sent the message I just need to wait for a reply now. He hasn’t come across anything either. Everywhere I term people say to me try “Indian fishing”.

There are other books I have used in my research and their likely will be more.

Some of the cooking utensils I am planning on making actually come from a book called victornix Swiss Army knife whittling book by chris Lubkemann as well as other parts like some of the fishing hooks came from Ray Mears book named outdoor survival handbook. These books as well as many others have been essential to my bushcraft journey so far.

As well as many of the people I have come across on the journey so far. They will come up later as I’m sure the past is not going to be my only interaction I have with these people.

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