Another project turn

My fish project has taken another turn. The plan originally was just to make a primitive fishing kit and canoe and row out to a uninhabited island off the coast of the U.K. and survive there for a weekend with only rice unless we catch some fish.

I decided I wanted to use the bedroll and wanigan that Steven La saye uses when he camps. So as part of my research I rewatched one of his videos with zed outdoors that went through his workshop and kit.

I then decided that I wanted to use the bed roll and the weylen shelter that he uses also I would like to make a parfletch and teepee bag that he also uses.

Then I came across another video by cimbrer bushcraft where he lays out his Viking bushcraft kit and I decided I wanted to make a kit similar to his for the project. A pack frame with the weylen shelter and oil cloth bed roll attached but also a wicker basket to hold the fishing tackle equipment and a leather box above with camp equipment in. I would also like to add a Saami haversack to this as well. Preferable something that can attach to the pack frame or something on it but that I can also use as a foraging pouch.

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