I recently got my nose pierced. Although this is my sixth piercing this one was the worst because it really hurt. I have since found out that the lady who did it is actually the worst piercer in the area. Regardless of this I actually really like my nose piercing now and have been thinking about my piercings. I have the first hole on either ear stretched to six millimetres, well I’ve just taken one up to seven as the plan is to take both up to 8mm. I also have a second hole on both sides with studs, my labret pierced to the left side and my nose pierced to the right. I still want to do more to my ears.

I wanted to look into the origin of all of them.

Starting with my ears.

Earnings have dated back years and years. The oldest mummified body found to date is the 5300 year old Otzi the ice man had pierced ears and they have pretty much been popular all over the world with different means from a sign of nobility to a sign of a slave not to be freed.

Stretch ears.

The first recorded stretched ear dates back to Egypt and can be seen in the sarcophagus of pharaoh Tutankhamen, in addition to this it is believed that the use of gauges originated in sub Saharan Africa.


The nose piercing is thought to have originated 4000 years ago in the Middle East where it then travelled to India. Where it became a custom for women of child bearing age to wear a stud in their left nostril.


The lip piercings date back to 3000 years and the native Indian tribes of north west coastal America.

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