Ask the people

If you are a content creator this website is one of the best tools you could possibly use. It has helped me outline a lot of my content.

You can use it for free twice in a day, I’ve never needed more than two times a day, but by all means pay for it if you feel that you could use it more.

You type in a keyword of the topic you want to create content around and it will give you a spider diagram of questions people have asked about your keyword.

Then what I do is save the diagrams and work through them, writing down any questions that I decide I’m going to answer in my content. Some of the questions won’t apply to you.

For example when I used the keyword bushcraft one question I used is what is bushcraft? One that I didn’t use was who is bear bushcraft? I don’t know who bear bushcraft is, maybe if I knew of them I might of answered it. But is the sort of question I could answer it but I would need to do my research first, personally I note these names too because when I do research into them they might be someone I want to interview.

All in all an awesome tool that you really need to try for yourself.

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