Since I took the decking up and moved it to the other end of the garden it’s been really apparent that I need to do something up the house end.

We talked about our options and decided to lay slabs, we had our eye on these really nice grey/blue slabs that I used to lay when working with a landscaper.

I gave him a call to ask how much they were and wear they came from and it turned out that they were £100 a square metre. I’m not on a huge budget and mentioned I can get Indian sandstone for £165 delivered for five square metres. Turns out I need six and a bit square metres and he has enough sitting there in the yard I can have it for £100. I just got to give him a drink for delivery.

I was a bit offended by that, I have worked for him recently for £80 a day for long days as well when I charge everyone else £15 an hour and we have been friends over 15 years. Don’t get me wrong I would of gave him something for delivery but you don’t ask for it from a friend especially one that lives too minutes from your yard. I have taken tools and plants up to his yard for him and not expected anything in return.

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