I have found shutterstock to be amazingly useful for my website. All my pictures on my google business page and my facebook page are my own but I wanted the website to look better so I’ve used stock images sourced from shutterstock.
Then I got into flower photography taking pictures of flowers in the gardens I do. Amazing close up pictures that I’d be proud to have on my website if flowers were what I wanted.
These pictures would not of looked out of place on shutterstock at all.
I start submitting my pictures I sent six of my best in and five were rejected the worst of all being approved. For reasons like blurry ness when the flower is in focus and I’ve deliberately blurred the background. Or noice when there is a few flowers.
I’ve come to the conclusion that they use bots to approve or reject photos for two reasons. one being that I sent my submissions in at 11 in the evening and had answers straight away and second fly I have a pretty low opinion of myself and what I do but these were good. I feel like genuinely good pictures better than that of my own are slipping through the shutter stock net and being lost.

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