Garden plan

Over the next six months I am going to gradually get the garden where it needs to be.

Well where we want it to be. I’m going to lay some slabs to form a small patio by the house with some with lavender either side of the back doors. Extended out along the bbq. On here I will have a small table and chairs. Next to this I will have an area with a pergola and planting. The pergola will have clematis growing up it and an egg chair swinging in the middle. With other plants dotted around like hydrangeas a camellia and some bedding plants. The existing beds will all be straightened up and will have sleeper border edges. There will be stepping stones running out to the grass and to the egg chair.

My bbq will have an extension with a slab top on here I will place a smoker and the bbq will be finished with a new lid that will need to be sprayed black to match.

I haven’t fully planned the back end as of yet so will do a write up of that at a later date.

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