Wild garlic writing

I am currently writing a piece on wild garlic for devon bushcrafts blog this is the start the rest you will have to read on the site when it is finished but I will post links here. The start is below.

So I found some questions online about wild garlic and I picked some to answer for you. If you know wild garlic there still might be some facts you don’t know so give it ago anyway.

Firstly wild garlic seems to be a broad term for three different plants depending on where in the U.K. you are located.

I am of course talking about ransoms.

What does wild garlic look like?

Wild garlic has long bright green leaves which are smooth on the edges and pointy at the ends. They grow in clumps and can often cover an entire area of an ancient woodland. The delicate white flowers form white clusters in the middle of spring.

Of course with wild garlic sight is not the only sense we use, often your smell is the first sign wild garlic is around. Often you can be walking through an area when all of a sudden your nostrils are filled with a garlic smell. Follow your nose to find the source and you have found wild garlic.

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