Awesome tool for content

I’ve gone down a massive rabbit hole of podcasts for the last couple of week. I’ve been listening to entrepreneur on fire and Gary Vee. I’m listening more to entrepreneur on fire at the minute because I have listened to all of Gary’s content up to date, although he releases content almost daily.

I only listen when I am working on peoples gardens so that I am not wasting time and I carry a notepad and pen and jot down anything that I want to research more or that is helpful, interesting or just that I like the sound off. I then use my downtime to research and explore further into these topics.

I’ve spent an hour going down the very big hole of writing a contents plan. Where I have just discovered an amazing tool that I feel will be helpful with any content I decide to produce and it is called answer the public. You search key words relating to your niche and it will give you questions that have been asked by the public. This is amazing. You get two free searches per day and I’ve already got ideas for over 100 pieces of content.

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