Snow days indoors

Now the snow has arrived I am not going to be getting much skating in until it’s gone. I have however spend the morning doing some planning. I have got all my various projects and business ideas down on paper at least into note form which is great as my memory is so terrible . I have been using notebooks really as long as I could write I would write lists of what I wanted to do, needed to do, wanted to learn, I’d take notes on stuff in them I’d cut bit out of magazines. I’d keep cool stickers or bits of paper with stuff on and during one of my moves I had no choice but to throw them out and I really wish I could of kept part of that part of me. When I had to through them out I completely stopped doing it. Until a couple of years ago when I started to get into bushcraft, I was working a lot and my mind was pretty fuzzy most of the time due to the long driving and the hours I was putting in on site, I met my wife and changed my job and I had more time to spend with her and to push into bushcraft more. She came along for the ride and I started to use bullet journals to write information, plan and keep track of my work life too. What I found was that for each day I would end up using ten pages, maybe more.

So the bullet journal stopped and it became just a note book. I have deviated from it from time to time but I honestly feel better when I am using them. It’s a form of self expression I guess but like art. I know I am one of these people who are average at pretty much everything. I don’t really excel at anything in particular. Which is fine I have come to terms with that. So I know I pull of an awesome piece of art every once in a blue moon or I write an amazing post that is worthy of being in a magazine but these are not often enough for me to make a living from these things but I don’t really want to. I really just enjoy them.

Anyway the snow has given me time to organise a bit better so I have a few books I am currently working with and I think this is kind of the best way to do or at least the best way for me.

I have a stack of old notebooks that will find there way onto a shelf in what will be my office/bar when I have it built. These are used for reference to the information that is in them it could be an idea, some information for something I want to write or just to look back at all our wedding planning information.

There is also my work diary. This has weeks set out for me to sit on a Sunday and plan my week also has a desperate calendar to put information about things later in the year, two weekly routine page which is really helpful to me, it also has a notes section that I use to write things like a monthly blog post tally so I can see just how much and how often I post, if there are anything months where I typically post more or less.

I also have a reading list here where I write the names of all the books I have read throughout the year.

As well as this I have a sketch pad. This sketch pad is old and I am just finishing it off before I buy a new one. The boys have ripped pages out of it so all drawings from there go into a folder with other drawings and some of my college work. Except for the dad jokes stuff that all goes into a desperate folder dedicated just for that.

Another notebook that is dedicated just to project and business ideas for the future. I’d do them all now if money and time allowed.

I also have my bushcraft books two one is a small waterproof notebook that goes everywhere in my day sack. Here I write down what I have seen at different locations. Different plants, wild edibles, animals, plants for materials.

The other is where I draw and write up all my knowledge and skills for future generations to see once I’m gone.

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