I’m not an edc obsessive like some but I do like to have my things in order. I’m thinking about making things a little different. Maybe having my edc stuff that is always on me like I do now.

I also have an edc rucksack that is everything I need for work and some basic bushcrafting stuff.

I’m thinking about changing this up to two rucksacks as I also have skate stuff and riding stuff in the other pack.

So I’m thinking maybe if all of my work edc stuff like my tools that are always in my bag notepads pens etc are in the car not the pack. Then I have a basic level day sack in the car ready to go with fire lighting and foraging stuff etc.

Then a second pack with bike and skate tools, puncture repair kit small pump, spare socks, wax etc. That pack is good to go as well.

This is my thinking moving forwards.

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