First day at the skatepark

Been waiting to hit the skatepark since 9 yesterday. I planned to go this morning and it was wet. I decided to go as it always dried faster than anywhere else. I’ve never been a fan of skating in the wet but as it seemed quite grippy I thought I would have a quick go and clean my bearing once home. What I found was that one the skate park is badly designed I perfectly locked onto a Mizou and was sliding nicely but slowed to a stop. I tried again trying to get as much speed as I could. It’s a long box but the banks at either end do not give you enough speed to grind from transition to transition. I only tried a couple I managed to Mizou and back farv but nothing substantial. Bad skatepark design in general. The other thing I noticed was the early morning scooter kid mums. Most of them let there kids stand on the middle of the box not even doing anything just standing in the way. Some of which where as young as my nephew easily and my nephew does not belong in a skatepark. There was however one couple trying to teach there kids the rules of a skatepark but width ways across the ramp which was just as annoying.

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