Another post about skating -31/12/2020

When I was three or four I started on a pair of fisher price adjustable skates and I loved it.

I spent the next eight years on a mixture of bmx, skates and skateboard. I would do which ever I felt like at that time. Then I was bought some quads. I loved them. Everyone had inlines and there was me pulling 360s and ufo on my quads. They were awesome. I went back to inlines with some majestics and my skating progressed then made the switch to khutis but found I couldn’t progress anymore with roces. I made the switch to super flats. Over the next few years I gradually went through a bunch of skates super flats, shima 1, genesis. All razor skates. I never got as good as many but I did have a few memorable tricks that made the whole park erupt, one for me was a 270 to a 720 royale sess across the midi ramp with a 180 out. Probably took 50 attempts and I only ever landed it the once. I one a best trick once for a gap to sess slide and shortly after that life picked up and I stopped skating. I did make a return on a pair of trs that I hated and couldn’t skate. Now it’s probably been ten years since I last skated and I’ve just bought a pair of razor gen7.4 I’m picking them up this Saturday and I can’t wait.

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