Greenlights 30/12/2020

I’ve just finished reading greenlights and honestly I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. The biggest thing is that I have a huge tendency to let negative thoughts turn green or orange lights to red when things are still in the idea process. This needs to change and pretty quickly too.

The other thing is crumbs. Crumbs are your unfinished business or the debt you still owe. Things that can leave you worried about the future. I don’t have a lot of crumbs but there are some. These need to be picked up sooner rather than later as I stress about the ones that are there quite a lot.

I also have this thing I do where I put my wife on a pedestal like she is a queen who can do no wrong and of course she’s only human and does. I tried just for a day to lower my expectations and you know what she exceeded them. I was happier and she was happier. This needs to become the norm for us.

If you read this book which by the way is also really fucking funny. Please let me know your thoughts and what you have taken from it.

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