Bikes -28/12/2020

I have spent the morning building the bikes I bought the boys for Christmas.

It’s not my first rodeo building bikes. I have built one in the past from scratch where I bought the frame and all the different parts to go with it, a bike that subsequently was stolen after a week of it being finished. I also once worked for Halfords where building bikes was part of the job description.

I think at some point next year I will be building a bike so I can take the boys for bike rides at some point.

I’m actually thinking most likely I will buy a cheap bike next month for bike rides. One that eventually will become a bushcraft bike. This bike I will use while I build my down hill mountain bike and once that is complete I will build the bushcraft bike.

The bushcraft bike obviously will be earthy colours or green(I have not actually decided on the colour as of yet).

One thing that is definite however I will use a paneer rack on it to store all the equipment needed to camp. This will include a tarp and poles, sleeping bag, cook set, everything needed for a night on the trial. I will also have a frame pocket for basic bike repairs and an extra water bottle on the bike.

These builds have been along time coming and hopefully will start in the near future.

Obviously I will write about all builds and have lots of pictures for you all to see.

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