The importance of reading -27/12/2020

I wanted to talk about reading. I actually try to learn everyday because learning and continuing to grow is awesome and something everyone should do.

Reading helps to improve not only your vocabulary but also your writing.

I was told that along time ago but shrugged it off as not true or maybe I just didn’t care at the time.

It is actually true, I noticed it while working my way through a friends collection of David Gemmel fantasy novels. My vocabulary had started to improve I started to notice I would use different words.

it doesn’t have to be a book your going to learn from either, I am currently reading a book about Romans and although I am learning from it, unless I’m entering a pub quiz it’s not going to benefit my everyday life. The way it’s written and the new words I have learnt however will improve my reading, writing and my speech. This is the same with all non fiction books. I actually am very much looking forward to the fantasy fiction book series hereward. Which I will be working my through next.

Try it. Read a book.

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