My piercings -17/12/2020

For a about six years now I have had two 6mm stretchers and one extra hole.

What I would actually like is the extra hole done on the other side as well. Tragus done on my left and scaffolding done on my right. I lost the right stretcher and it reduced back to about two millimetres over the space of a couple of months. As of right now I have got it back up to 6mm and have ordered new tunnels and earrings to go in the other hole.

I will Pierce the second hole on my right side myself when they are here. I think I still have a piercing needle in a draw at home given to me by an old friend. Not even out of the packet. Eventually when money and teir groups allow I will get the other three piercings.

I always wanted to have snakebites but have never done it as I didn’t want people saying I was copying my friend who also has them. I have now decided that it doesn’t matter and if I want it I will get it done.

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