Age -15/12/2020

For too long now I have let my life be run by the age restriction of social opinions. You have to quit that your too old, you too old to do that, Nope, your too old.

Maybe this was relevant in the past but this just is not relevant anymore. I’ve been watching a few groups on Facebook and the sheer amount of rollerblader, skateboarders and mountain bike riders coming back to the sports they loved in their younger days is incredible.

This is not just limited to hobbies but also to your work too and your goals. All my work and personal goals that I have written down have ages next to them.

I also set my goals by age. I don’t actually agree this is the right thing for me to do. There is so much that living my life this way I will miss out on.

For example buy a house by 40. I have rewrote this list because I’m not really convinced this is right. I believe you will miss out on a lot this way, im going to use McConaughey’s greenlights to explain what I mean.

If I set two goals own my own company at 35 and buy my first house at 40. Life doesn’t work as you plan it to be, my green light to start my own company might not show up until I am 38 (it showed up at 33 but I was already thinking about this then) I could of given up on the idea by then because I never got the green light at 35. The same goes for the house goal, what if the circumstances were good for me to buy a house at 32 and I had my green light but just didn’t see it because I was thinking 40 for that particular green light to show up.

The point is I’m going to make it. I might pass my 38 goal this year, I might not pass my 37 goal until I’m 45 I don’t know how things are going to pan out. All that matters is I’m going to hit my goals and as long as I am hitting my goals, i’m still moving forward.

So I guess what I’m saying is that we don’t have to stick to societies age restrictions. If I can still skate at 45 I’ll be happy. Be even happier if I can do something to help push the sport further.

Age is just a number if you feel like you can backflip a bmx at 50 do it and enjoy it.

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